Monday, March 09, 2009

Frank Schaeffer, Author of Crazy for God, on What's Left of the GOP.

Frank Schaeffer really is letting the cat out of the bag regarding how extreme the republican party have become:

"The republican base is now made up of religious and neoconservative ideologues, and the uneducated white underclass with a token person of colour or two up front on TV to obscure the all white, all reactionary, all backward -- there-is-no-global-warming -- rube reality. Actual conservatives, let alone the educated classes, have long since fled."
As he, rightly, states; these are the two groups to whom the republican leadership are now pandering to. They are either pandering to the religious right or to the neoconservatives, the people to whom every war is a good war.

This was most obvious during the recent election by simply observing the kind of people attending Sarah Palin rallies; we were left looking at the dead enders of republicanism, the nutcases. The Colin Powell's and others had all jumped ship.

Here, Schaeffer argues that Rush Limbaugh really has become the Republicans perfect representative for where they now stand. Limbaugh shows, "the raw naked true face of where republicanism is."

And he has written an open letter to Obama warning him not to rely on republican support as "they hate him, they do hate him".
"Rush Limbaugh is telling the truth when he says he wants him to fail. And these people are ideological enough that they'd rather take our whole country down and be proved right than be patriotic Americans and stand up and do the thing that every American who loves this country would do right now, which is to support the president whether you voted for him or not."
And of the 20 million of the Christian right, as opposed to the 300 million American population, he states:
"It's not a big percentage, it's just a loud percentage. This is the drunk on the subway making all the trouble at the end of the car for all the people on the subway. There's a hundred decent citizens in there and there's one ass at the front end who is molesting women. That's the Republican party now in terms of the loud part."
Rush is the perfect representative of where the republicans now find themselves. Indeed, Rush, Coulter, Hannity, O'Reilly and Beck now represent the intellectual Illuminati for the rump litter left supporting this failed movement.

Today the Republican Party is rooting for doom. And since the Republicans are now anti-American members of an Obama-must-fail insurgency, lies become a self-fulfilling prophecy: talk doom, and keep the economy in a panic and we may get what we wish for.

Don't conservative Republicans object to the lies? No, because the Republicans don't have any actual and traditional conservative followers left.

The Republican religious nuts are rooting for Jesus to "rapture" them, not for America, and the neoconservatives are rooting for war and the Israeli hard liners, not for America. Truth (and sanity) are out the window.
Good on Schaeffer for saying it so clearly. The party of Limbaugh are not joking when they state that they want Obama to fail, they are actually insane enough to really mean that.

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