Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cramer Responds to Stewart w/ Help from Scarborough.

There's something really odd about the unhinged Jim Cramer's reaction to this piece by Jon Stewart. The man is simply unbalanced.

And it's hysterical to listen to Scarborough bemoan the fact that, when Bush was in office, Stewart used to "speak truth to power" and now that Obama is in power there's "nothing funny about attacking the president".

I feel like saying, "Physician, heal thyself."

The truth is that Stewart mocks people and Obama, at this moment in time, simply does not lend himself to mockery as easily as Bush did or, indeed, as the financial wizards who assured us that all was well before the financial collapse do.

But the notion that Stewart is "an ideologue" and that the people at Fox News and other cable stations have not changed their tune towards the president - now that a Democrat is in office - is simply ludicrous. O'Reilly and others, who demanded that one must offer total support to the president "at a time of war" have now performed a 180 degree turn and now view "holding the administration to account" as their most patriotic duty.

So, Scarborough is accusing Jon Stewart of a crime of which he, himself, is equally guilty.

But, one thing is very clear; Stewart has really, really got under their skin.

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