Friday, March 27, 2009

Contessa Brewer rips GOP's phony 'alternative' budget proposal: 'old wine in new bottles'.

The Republicans have announced their alternative budget. The only problem is that it is a budget without any numbers.

Brewer: I am very frustrated Mike, because we were waiting for this, we cut away from the President to hear the big build-up. Republicans have a plan, they have ideas, they're not the party of no and all I heard in that news conference was what they don't like about the president's plan.


We've heard them and today you get us all hyped up and you have our undivided attention and what happens when you get up and repeat the same criticism we've already heard. I didn't hear ideas. I heard the promise of ideas, and we're going to have more on x, y and z, but I didn't hear the ideas.

Viqueira: Right, so you're saying it's old wine in new bottles, that's what you're saying essentially.

Brewer: Well, that was a much pithier way of saying it.

My favourite reaction to the Republican budget came from Robert Gibbs, who says it took him "several minutes" to read it.

He also pointed out that the "budget" contained more pictures of a windmill than actual numbers, and it has only one picture of a windmill.

It's hard not to think of the GOP as reactionary obstructionists when they produce crap like this. As Obama pointed out, they are good at running down his plans, but they simply have no plans of their own.


Who needs numbers?

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