Tuesday, March 10, 2009

College Makes People Anti-American!

Hannity and Horiwitz have a new take on education, which states that many universities are actually centres of indoctrination for socialism.

I watch this stuff with my mouth open.


Steel Phoenix said...

Maybe if conservatives didn't work so hard at keeping themselves ignorant, they would have a place in the university system. Unfortunately for them, reality has a scientific bias.

Kel said...

Indeed, SP. Their anti-intellectualism has become a defining feature of their cause. And it leads them to distrust all intellectual advancement. Which is simply dumb.

Anonymous said...

How comical. Let me see if i have Sean right.
People who have studied the facts and the various theories and explanations, tend to be liberals.
People who haven't studied the facts and the various theories and explanations,tend to be conservative.
So Liberals know what they are talking about and Conservatives don't? Good one Sean, good one.

Kel said...


Well they are a party which has steeped itself in anti-intellectualism, so suspicion of educational establishments goes with their territory.

Remember the claims that Obama couldn't be elected because he was too much like a "college professor"?

They loathe educated people and want the public to do so too, because deep down they always treat the electorate as if they are stupid and hope that they will vote against their own economic interest.