Friday, March 06, 2009

Can These People Get Any Nuttier?

The election of Obama appears to have driven the American right wing to, literally, madness.

Glenn Beck - surely one of the most hysterical, dysfunctional, adults ever to be granted access to the airwaves - appears to see the election of Obama as the road to Socialism, without even appearing to understand what Socialism actually is.

In any Socialist society the workers control the means of production and distribution. I know of no-one who is seriously arguing that this is what Obama has done or is proposing to do. And yet, Beck launches this infantile diatribe because... Gordon Brown used the word "co-operation". Apparently "co-operation" is a very bad thing.

Indeed, "co-operation" is some kind of staging post on the road to Socialism.

The Obama presidency is only six or seven weeks old, God knows where these loons will be by the end of it.

They have already moved beyond the point where it is possible to satirise what they are doing.


daveawayfromhome said...

What an asshat.

Well, Brown is from the Labour Party, isnt he? You know how much American politicians, especially Republicans, hate anyone who actually has to work for a living (i.e., labor). The more I listen to Republicans, the more convinced I am that they are actually all Anarchists.

Kel said...

I find Glenn Beck to be simply remarkable. He's so deranged that he manages to make O'Reilly look like a monument to self control. He cries, he's often quite incoherent and frequently makes no sense of any kind.