Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bush & The Unitary Executive.

Now that Bush is no longer in office, the memorandums which his administration passed are finally becoming public, and they make for scary reading. As John Dean states, these memos come very near to establishing Bush as an, "unconstitutional dictator".

Bush, or anyone he delegated, had the power to say that any American citizen was a terrorist suspect and detain them without giving them any of the rights established under habeas corpus.

What's even more damning is that, in his final days in office, Bush finally published a memo stating that, "certain provisions stated in several opinions issued by the Office of Legal Council in 2001 - 2003" "do not reflect the current views of this office."

He was trying, even in his final days in office, to write himself a "get out of jail free" card. He was trying to put a distance between himself and the opinions which he had used to justify many of his actions whilst he was president. Stating, on January the 15th 2009 - five days before Obama's inauguration - that he didn't really believe the opinions stated in the very memos which he had used to justify many of his actions.

It's almost as if, whilst leaving office, he's finally realised how damning those memos are and has attached a note saying, "I no longer believe this bullshit and I certainly don't wish to be held responsible for it."

Five days before he left office? That's contemptible.

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