Monday, March 23, 2009

Brit On Iran Vid: 'Pres Obama Has Joined The Rest Of The World In Practicing The Diplomacy Of Talk.'

The insanity of the American right wing is amply displayed here through the logic of Brit Hume's argument:

HUME: You know, Condoleezza Rice said something to me last year that when she said it, I was surprised. She said almost no governments in the world practice diplomacy the way the United States does. Huh? I said. She said that is that we practice diplomacy always backed up by the possibility or even the threat of some force, forceful action, whether it be economic or whatever. See, most governments in the world think diplomacy…you don’t do that. You talk, when that doesn’t work, you talk some more and you keep talking and eventually, you hope through diplomacy of this kind to persuade regimes you’re having trouble with to behave differently. Well it appears that Barack Obama, by this statement, has joined the rest of the world…she said…Rice told me, she said, the United States does it that way, the Brits do, to some extent, and the Australians do.

Well, it appears that President Obama has joined the rest of the world in practicing the diplomacy of talk.
In Brit's world this is a bad thing. He obviously prefers the Bush/Cheney form of diplomacy in which countries perceived as being enemies of the US - Iran, North Korea - are asked to give up whatever it is that they are doing before talks can even begin into whether what they were doing was permitted or not.

It was a form of diplomacy which looked an awful lot like demanding the complete capitulation of your opponent before talks could begin. It's sort of "the surrender policy", where one demands the total humiliation of one's negotiating partner in advance of any talks beginning.

Not surprisingly, it proved an abject failure under the Bush administration, certainly if one were to measure success in terms of whether or not one dissuaded Iran from doing the thing that was most worrying to the US.

But Brit is appalled that Obama appears to be joining "the rest of the world" in viewing diplomacy as a process in which the other side might actually have a point.

They say the definition of madness is to keep doing the same thing and expecting to have different results. Brit is furious that Obama is refusing to do the same thing which failed under the Bush administration. Poor insane Brit....

The rest of the world is delighted to have Obama on board after the madness of the last eight years.

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