Monday, March 02, 2009

Bashing Obama.

A mere glance at the CPAC conference tells the story of the state of the present Republican party. Limbaugh, Coulter and Joe the Plumber all being hailed as the true face of conservatism.

Coulter really has turned into a gag machine, making silly little one liners which have this crowd on their feet but amount to very little.

It was hard listening to Limbaugh the other day to even detect a central message or theme. And the same was true of Coulter. If this is a party of big ideas then they are not sharing them, indeed, they don't even appear to realise that their "small government" "deregulation" mantra is way out of step with where the world finds itself financially at the moment.

Even the maths is against them, but you wouldn't know to listen to this lot talking.

Republican Mike Murphy:

Ronald Reagan won in 1980 with 51 percent of the vote. We all worship Ronald Reagan. But if that election had been held with the current demographics of America today, Ronald Reagan would’ve gotten 47 percent of the vote. The math is changing. Anglo vote’s 74 percent now, not 89. And if we don’t modernize conservatism, we’re going to have a party of 25 percent of the vote going to Limbaugh rallies, enjoying every, every applause line, ripping the furniture up. We’re going to be in permanent minority status.
This was what the Republican rallies looked like towards the end of the last election. Sarah Palin exciting crowds of deadbeat loons, and that's exactly what the CPAC conference has looked like.

These people are talking to themselves. It's very hard to take what they are saying seriously.

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Superb Jon said...

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