Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pelosi wasn't briefed on torture.

This is interesting. I must admit that I began to suspect that perhaps the Democrats had been briefed on torture which, I assumed, was why they appeared so keen to give immunity to the Telecoms.

Pelosi however could not be more blunt. She says they were never briefed on this and certainly never told that torture was taking place as Bush and Co have implied.


Nancy Pelosi is against immunity being offered to team Bush in return for testimony, although I notice that - whenever she is specific - she is talking about the firing of US Attorney's rather than prosecution for torture.

But it is interesting to hear her say that she opposes immunity. It would be a strange position to find yourself in, if you opposed immunity for the firing of US Attorney's, but granted it for war crimes.


Lex Fear said...

Did she have her head in a bucket of sand for the last 6 years or was she just subscribed to the same news channels as Cheney and Rummy?

I think she just didn't have the 'balls' (excuse the pun) to challenge the administration.

Kel said...

No, I think, as she makes clear here, that she was sworn to secrecy over a lot of what she knew; which is one of the things which she is vowing to change.