Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lars Larson supports war crimes on national TV.

I spoke about this the other day but it's interesting to listen to Hardball on the subject of whether or not the Obama administration should prosecute the Bush administration for war crimes.

It's fascinating to watch Lars Larson frame this debate as a matter of "guts" for Obama, implying almost that the Democrats don't have the courage to prosecute. This is trying to have this both ways. If the Democrats prosecute - which I strongly feel that they should - he will cry witch hunt. If they don't, he will cry cowards.

Towards the end of the interview Larson shows his true colours when he admits that waterboarding is torture but says that he finds it "appropriate". It's this aspect of the American right wing which most appalls me. They do now actually appear on national television openly supporting war crimes. Indeed, he probably thinks it takes "guts" to commit them; "guts" which cowardly Liberals like myself lack.

In the end he even admits that, in the right circumstances, he would support pulling people's fingernails out. This how extreme the American right wing have now become. And they are not ashamed of this, they are proud because they feel they are displaying "guts".

Larson is blatantly an idiot and Matthews does a good job of handing him enough rope until he eventually hangs himself.

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