Monday, February 23, 2009

Keyes: Stop the "radical communist" Obama or U.S. will "cease to exist."

I spoke yesterday about the way that the ring wing in the US is becoming unhinged because a Democrat is installed in the White House.

Now Alan Keyes throws his hat into the ring declaring that Obama is "a radical communist" and that:

"we are either going to stop him or the US is going to cease to exist.


The man is an abomination."
He then claims that the US is facing "the greatest crisis this country has ever seen" and, like Beck, predicts possible civil war.

He is vague about how people should "stop him" but it's clear that this man doesn't believe in the Democratic process when it delivers results that he disagrees with. He doesn't even concede that Obama is the president for God's sake. So, having argued that democracy must be exported around the world, by the barrel of a gun if necessary, right wingers now declare the entire process unsound because it has delivered a Democrat to power.

The American right wing has lost no time at all in completely losing it's mind, revealing some of them to be the dangerous radicals that many of us always stated that they were.

Obama has been president for barely a month, God only knows where these nutbags are going to go over the next four years. It's going to be the "Clinton Body Count" all over again. The maddest conspiracy theories are going to be discussed as if they have some form of credibility.

And, after four years of this insanity, they are going to ask to be elected. Good luck with that.


daveawayfromhome said...

"predicts possible civil war"

Predicts, or threatens? Is this a warning from a concerned citizen, or a partisan call-to-arms? I think back to Bush's offhand comment that things would "be a lot easier if this were a dictatorship. As long as I were the dictator". Not just a Bush sentiment, perhaps, but maybe the entire party?

Kel said...

Oh, I think this is the exact same sentiment that Becks was expressing; it's a profound hope that "the people" will rise up and restore the Republicans to their rightful place.

But then, they have always believed reality is whatever they say it is. Therefore, they actually believe that most Americans share their sense of outrage, despite the fact that most Americans didn't vote for them.

It really is becoming a party of the insane.