Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jindal Responds to Obama's Address.

This guy, Bobby Jindal, is supposed to be the Republican response to Obama and tonight was supposed to launch his career. I suspect he's ended it rather than launched it with this wooden, cliche ridden, reply to Obama's address.

Obama has just announced a myriad of ways in which the government is determined to help people through this crisis and Jindal's response is to remind us of how badly the Republican government handled Katrina, as if to suggest that government help in these kind of times is always bound to fail.

And he hits the well worn Republican talking points about passing debt on to the nation's children, ignoring totally the deficit which the Democrats have just inherited from the Republicans, and the fact that Obama has actually announced plans to halve the deficit.

Indeed, whilst admitting that the Republicans did not adhere to their own principles whilst in power, Jindal asks that the American people give them another chance to prove that they can deliver what they failed to deliver over the last eight years.

To be fair to the spectacularly wooden Jindal, he is not the only Republican talking to himself at the moment, it appears to me as if they have all manifestly failed to realise that the talking points which have long sustained them simply no longer apply.

And, as long as they keep repeating them, rather than genuinely entering into political debate, the more irrelevant they will render themselves.


Steel Phoenix said...

Someone needs to tell the Republicans that it takes more than being brown to be Obama.

The Katrina reference was puzzling. It was like, "remember how much of a failure government was when we were in power? Jindal-Palin 2012!".

He talked like he was talking to a class of third graders, which always insulted me when I was a third grader.

Ways not to win over Republicans: embrace your ethnicity, admit prior weakness, compliment a Democrat, talk about yourself when you could be bashing the other guy. It looked like they were pushing him for 2012, but somehow I think this one never makes it out of the gates.

The only worse rebuttal I can remember ever seeing was delivered a few years back by Pelosi and some other guy by a fireplace.

nunya said...

EEEK, how could you sit through that?

I posted
Rachel Maddow's response to the Jindal puppet.

She was a Rhodes Scholar...umm, one I have respect for. She does her homework before she goes on the air.

Kel said...

The Katrina reference was puzzling. It was like, "remember how much of a failure government was when we were in power? Jindal-Palin 2012!".

SP, That's exactly what he was saying. It was simply gobsmacking. "We have proven that big government doesn't work because when we were the government we failed."

Nunya, thanks for the Maddow link. She's always great on this stuff and her incredulity perfectly matched my own.