Friday, February 13, 2009

Goldberg: "A man needs a humorless feminist like a fish needs a bicycle.'

I've already pointed out the hypocrisy of the people who told us it was "ageist" to bring up McCain's age during the last election, now feeling free to make fun of Helen Thomas's age. After all, Helen Thomas isn't asking to run the free world with Sarah Palin as her possible replacement, so I think the stakes were slightly higher during the election when they were bleating that the subject of age should be off limits.

But the arrogance of right-wing media critic Bernard Goldberg is simply astounding:

But it's interesting to me that these left-wingers who didn't say a word when their fellow left-wingers called George Bush a moron, when they called Dick Cheney a fascist, when they called Sarah Palin a racist, and when they threw Oreo cookies at Michael Steele because he had the nerve to be a conservative black man -- they didn't say a word about all of that.*

So here's my political analysis, and feel free to bleep this: Screw them. Screw them. They are unimportant people, they are unimportant people who shouldn't be taken seriously.

When you made a good-natured joke, I very seriously said that Helen Thomas' 15 minutes were up in the Lincoln administration. And you know what? If they want to take shots at me, and if they want to take shots at you, they need to know one thing: They're throwing spitballs at battleships. Bring it.
Did you get that? He sees himself as a battleship. Freud could have a field day with this guy.


daveawayfromhome said...

Battleship? Isnt that an outmoded and largely useless navel vessel that became obsolete during WWII? Or is he refering to the child's game?

Steel Phoenix said...

Great post.
You could make a whole website out of O'Reilly hypocrisy.

There are only three times I can remember when I have been pleasantly surprised by his sanity: Speaking to Ron Paul. Speaking to John Stewart, and did you see him on the view a while back? I have to admit he seemed rational compared to that group. I think some of it may be an act. Kinda like the Kristol effect we talked about a while back.

Kel said...

Dave, It's a riot isn't it?

SP, whenever Bill acts rational it's always one of his finest performances.