Saturday, January 17, 2009

Waterboarding is torture. Duh!

Eric Holder has clearly stated that waterboarding is torture. That shouldn't even have been open to question. International law has always been very explicit on the subject.

The real question now, as Turley points out, is what is the new administration going to do about war crimes which have been committed by their predecessors? War crimes which they have admitted to.

Here Turley continues on this subject with Keith Olbermann.

"If you say that no-one is above the law, you have to apply the law... If you don't prosecute this president, it means that there are some people above the law".
What I find most disgusting about all this is the Republican line that this policy works. The question of whether or not it works - and I would argue that it doesn't - is actually utterly irrelevant. One could argue that tearing people's fingernails out works. One could argue that threatening to rape someone's wife works. The question is not whether or not it works, the question is whether or not the US is a nation which demands it's president complies with the law.

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