Sunday, January 04, 2009

U.S. quashes Arab-backed Gaza cease-fire resolution in UN Security Council.

The Bush presidency ends as most of it has been conducted, with the US vetoing any resolution which might stop Israel slaughtering Palestinians.

The United States thwarted an effort by Libya on Sunday to persuade the UN Security Council to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza after Israel launched a ground invasion, diplomats said.

Several council diplomats told reporters that the U.S. refusal to back a Libyan-drafted demand for an immediate truce at a closed-door emergency session had killed the initiative, since council statements must be passed unanimously.
No president has ever done more damage to America's reputation in the Middle East - and throughout the world - than this moron has done. For eight years he has always encouraged Israel to act as they please and - eight years on - all he has to show for it is the fact that Israel lost her first ever war on his watch.

In terms of the Middle East his presidency has been an unmitigated failure and he leaves office, having promised to deliver his Road Map for Peace in the last thirteen months of his presidency, leaving nothing.

He was the first US president ever to call publicly for a state of Palestine and yet, as he departs, Gaza now ranks as the world’s third-largest humanitarian crisis after Somalia and Darfur.

It's a failure on an epic scale, largely brought about by the fact that he resolutely refused to properly engage in this conflict in any meaningful way, other than to cheer lead every and any Israeli military action.

A practice that he seems determined to continue until the world celebrates his ignominious exit, stage right.

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daveawayfromhome said...

fourteen days more... relief or cause for further concern?

Kel said...

Relief. Any last minute legislation can be easily overturned.

Ingrid said...

Well you know, insiders who've worked for him have likened him to having been like Sarah Palin; knowing squat about anything especially foreign policy. Dick Cheney had it aaall figured out before he was 'considered' for the vice presidency...

btw.. I asked a fellow, Israeli blogger if there was still this 'open door policy' (law of return) and he said yes. I think if you peel all the layers of the onion..this is all about acquisition of land and water. In a mock debate in university for my middle east poli sci class, I was in the Palestinian group' Some in the Israeli group weren't that good and my prof was amazed that 'they' just ceded all their water to us.. ha. If it only was that easy in real life. No more cloaking real reasons behind religious or 'moral' terms (promised land, the right to defend ourselves even though were starving them out first, kinda thing)
I also wrote about's water. It's resources. What's new really..


Kel said...

Some in the Israeli group weren't that good and my prof was amazed that 'they' just ceded all their water to us.. ha. If it only was that easy in real life.

If only, Ingrid. As you say it's about water and land... and avoiding any real negotiation where they might be required to give any of it up. That's why they are always searching for "a partner in peace" but one always remains so elusive... but all the while the Israelis keep building in the occupied territories. Funny that! One would almost think they didn't want to find one...