Monday, January 05, 2009

Ron Paul on Gaza.

It's quite extraordinary to hear an American politician talk with such honesty about the Israel/Palestine dispute as Ron Paul does here. He speaks of the Palestinians living "in a concentration camp" and of the Israelis being able to "turn off all the food and all the water" to the people of Palestine whenever they choose.

He also talks about the US accepting some of the "moral responsibility" for what's occurring and asks the larger question of why the US continually inserts itself into this dispute.

With so many others simply endlessly repeating tired Israeli talking points, Ron Paul at least tries to ask why the US is so obsessed with ensuring that one side in this dispute is so fervently supported no matter what actions they indulge in.


Steel Phoenix said...

I can think of very few times I've ever disagreed with Ron Paul. He is the most honest politician I can think of, not just because he isn't lying, but because he doesn't dodge questions. He would have made a great president.

Kel said...

He's certainly honest and sticks by his principles, I'll give him that. There's no bullshit with this guy.