Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama Heads to Washington, outlining his vision as he does so.

How can one fail to be inspired? Unlike the last eight years, here stands a man appealing to, "our better angels". And what's astonishing as he makes his way to the capital, is how little his message has changed from the one he argued on the campaign trail.

"As I prepare to leave for Washington on a trip that you made possible, I know that I will not be travelling alone. I will be taking you with me. [..]

Yours are the voices I will carry with me every day in the White House. [...]

In our own lives lets build a government that is responsible to the people. Lets accept our own responsibility as citizens to hold our own government accountable. Let all of us do our part to rebuild this country. Lets make sure this election is not the end of what we do to change American, but only the beginning."
Republicans mocked him when he stated, "This election is about you, it's about you."

Well, as he makes his way to the White House, he really is sticking to that theme.

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