Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mark Regev On The Ropes.

Mark Regev has made an utter fool of himself during the most recent Israeli attack on Gaza.

He has made many claims which have turned out to be utterly false. He claimed that rocket fire was emanating from a UN school before Israel shelled it, a claim which Israel has since admitted was simply not true.

He also made the ridiculous claim that the Palestinians were actually being killed by Hamas, a claim which he said he was "100% serious" in making.

Here, he is asked about the claims by Amnesty International and others, that Israel used banned white phosphorous shells in civilian areas in Gaza. Israel, having denied this for three weeks, eventually conceded that they "may have" used this weapon in Gaza, after the evidence of it's use became so widespread as to be undeniable.

Not that you would know this when listening to Regev. His response is that reporters should never believe what the wounded say in Gaza as the people of Gaza live under a totalitarian regime and will only say what Hamas want for fear of retribution.

He's now calling the wounded liars.

And he has fallen on to Israel's last defence, which appears to be something along the lines of, "We are a democracy, they are not. Why would anyone believe what their wounded say?"

At one point he goes as far as to stammer, "If you let me make my point I will make in it very sanely."

Perhaps this was Freudian, because the points he is making border on insanity.

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