Friday, January 30, 2009

Limbaugh called a Hypocrite and mean-spirited on CNBC.

The man who is already on the record stating that he wants Obama, "to fail" now pops up offering the ludicrous Obama/Limbaugh stimulus plan and claims that he is, "trying to build bridges and roads to the administration for genuine bipartisanship and co-operation and fairness."

Rush is stunned to be called a hypocrite during this interview, as he's obviously used to being interviewed by the Hannity's of this world who actually give him credence.

Here Limbaugh claims that, "bipartisanship is a joke, and it's Republicans caving to what Democrats want."

Which he says during the same interview in which he claims to be, "trying to build bridges and roads to the administration for genuine bipartisanship". Yet he's stunned to be called a hypocrite?

They say Rush is currently the public face of the Republican party, which says a lot about the state the Republicans now find themselves in after eight years of Bush. He's incoherent in his rage, embracing bipartisanship whilst decrying it as Republican surrender.

Apparently bipartisanship is what I have always thought people like Rush imagined it. It's when someone like Obama will allow Republican policies to flourish, even when they have lost an election.

After all, despite how the country voted, one must always remember that the US "is a centre right nation".


Steel Phoenix said...

-Wow, what a great plan. While we are at it, I think we should multiply Limbaugh's penalty for illegal drug use by the number of people he is a role model for.

Kel said...

Limbaugh attempting to be bipartisan simply makes me howl with laughter. It is so transparent.