Saturday, January 31, 2009

Karl Rove Says He Will Not Show Up For Congressional Subpoena.

It does not surprise me at all that the Bush administration remain as contemptuous of the law now that they are out of office as they were when they governed.

The real question is what will be the result of such an attitude now that they do not have the power of the state to protect them. Rove apparently thinks that such protection is everlasting, hence his refusal to respond to a subpoena even now.

He, and his fellow Republican hacks, will no doubt seek to make out that everything which is being done to them is nothing other than partisan political revenge taking.

But it's not. They are merely being asked to respect the laws which they refused to respect whilst they were in office.

And, if he continues to refuse to co-operate, they should simply throw his ass into jail. Rove cannot be allowed to continue to insist that he is above the law.


Steel Phoenix said...

That porcine pantywaist will squeal the moment he sees bars.

Kel said...

It'll be Paris Hilton all over again.