Sunday, January 18, 2009

George Galloway "The West has double standards when it comes to Israel."

Galloway does well to point out the brazen double standards which the British government is displaying regarding Israel's actions. New Labour were quick enough to denounce Russian "aggression" in South Ossetia but seem content in this dispute to have issued a ceasefire at the United Nations, which the Israelis blithely ignored.

And it is rich in the extreme for the British government to claim that it does not want to engage in "gesture politics" - meaning any kind of arms embargo against the Israelis - whilst they were the very people who insisted on the blockade of Gaza on the grounds that they disagreed with the democratic choice the Palestinian people made.

As Galloway rightly states, "the international community is not impotent, but merely feigns impotence as an excuse for its failure to carry out its duties."

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