Friday, January 23, 2009

Gaza villages Wiped off the map.

I am so pleased that someone has finally posted this on YouTube. I saw this the other night on the Channel 4 News and was simply appalled by the scale of destruction the Israelis have caused.

Bear in mind that this was supposed to be a war against Hamas and yet, when the Israelis arrived at the border town of Al Naajar, they completely destroyed eighty five homes. Are we supposed to believe that they suspected Hamas fighters were hiding in all of these houses?

This is simply wanton destruction and has nothing to do with the stated aim of stopping rockets or dismantling Hamas, it's a war against the Palestinian people.

The destruction they waged on the town of Juhar ad Dik literally has to be seen to be believed. As Jonathan Miller states, it is "breathtaking, a village wiped off the map".


"Our camera cannot hope to convey the enormity of the destruction here in Juhar ad Dik. I've covered earthquakes, hurricanes and the tsunami. And what has happened here is as bad or worse than anything I've seen in any of those. And this was done by Israeli bulldozers.

If you can take it, there is worse to come...
And there is worse to come.

If these aren't war crimes, then war crimes simply don't exist.

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