Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Democrat Al Franken wins Minnesota senate recount .

So, Franken has beaten Norm Coleman but Coleman is refusing to accept the result and vows to fight on.

Democrat Al Franken won the recount of ballots for a Minnesota senate seat Monday but the contentious battle was set to drag on for weeks or months as his Republican rival vowed to contest the results.

The legal battle will leave the seat empty and weaken the Democratic majority as president-elect Barack Obama works to implement a massive economic stimulus package.

Election officials certified the recount results which handed Franken victory with a margin of 225 votes out of nearly three million ballots cast in the November 4 election.

But Franken will not officially win the election until the legal battle is over and the governor and secretary of state issue an election certificate.

"That certificate will not be issued until after the conclusion of the election contest," secretary of state Mark Ritchie said in announcing the certified results.

This YouTube clip of how O'Reilly might take the news made me laugh.

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