Monday, January 19, 2009

"The Decider" wants approval simply for having decided.

Bush says history will give him credit for having made, "tough decisions". But all American presidents are asked to make "tough decisions", the real test is whether or not Bush made the right decisions.

KAY: Of course he had to face tough decisions. Because that’s the job of the American president, you have to face tough decisions. And you have to face them well and make the right decisions. I think the trouble is in all the interviews he’s given—these farewell interviews—he still really hasn’t answered satisfactorily the central question of his presidency: Why did he invade Iraq? It’s not enough to say it was a tough decision, so I made it, you have to say it was the right decision.
Bush is seeking approval simply because he MADE the decision at all. History will judge him on the quality of the decisions he made, not on the fact that he simply made them.

And I think he made a lot of very, very, bad ones.

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