Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Coulter: Presidential assassins are Obama's base.

Ann Coulter has managed to give a new title to the one theme which she espouses and has produced yet another of her tomes.

Of course, television executives invite her on hoping that she will make the kind of stupid, outrageous comments that she always obliges them with.

Here she states that presidential assassins are always, "anarchists, communists, liberals, [..] some form of basically Obama's base."

And, as proof that Bush is at greater risk of being assassinated than Obama, she brings up the "assault" which occurred two weeks ago, omitting that this latest assassination attempt was carried out with a shoe.

She then embarks on an impassioned defence of the real victims in American society; George Bush, Joe McCarthy and Tom Delay.

This woman is utterly unhinged.

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