Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bill Moyers on Mideast Violence.

Moyers is eloquent and on the money. As is the article by Aaron David Miller which he references:

Don't get me wrong. Barack Obama—as every other U.S. president before him—will protect the special relationship with Israel. But the days of America's exclusive ties to Israel may be coming to an end. Despite efforts to sound reassuring during the campaign, the new administration will have to be tough, much tougher than either Bill Clinton or George W. Bush were, if it's serious about Arab-Israeli peacemaking.

The departure point for a viable peace deal—either with Syria or the Palestinians—must not be based purely on what the political traffic in Israel will bear, but on the requirements of all sides.
One of the reasons I supported Obama was because he made noises which led me to believe he understood that this conflict cannot be ended until the US stop following the Likud party line.

Israel will not enter any peace deal willingly. She will have to be pressured to accept a state of Palestine. Bush tried the "softly, softly" pro-Israeli approach and they simply saw out his time in office as they have seen off other peace makers in the past.

Obama has to change the way the US address this conflict.
Obama will have to maintain his independence and tactical flexibility to play the mediator's role. This means not road testing everything with Israel first before previewing it to the other side, a practice we followed scrupulously during the Clinton and Bush 43 years. America must also not agree to every idea proposed by an Israeli prime minister.
Obama must push for peace, not for what the Israelis find acceptable.

Read Aaron David Miller's article here.


Ingrid said...

Kel, this is all about BP and it's gas drilling deal. Whatever official discussion line comes up from the Israeli gov' is not about Hamas sending rockets (after having Gaza being squeezed), or religious reasons or safety reasons..follow this link to global research, gives you plenty of maps, commentary references (UK sources) and as usual, not the official story;
I also posted on it but why not go to the first source in the first place? Btw..I found out that bill moyers actually went to UT ( I think even here in Austin)'s amazing to read how many progressive thinkers and 'others' come from here. Most people tend to see Texas as a shoot happy, super sized, super churched state. There's more than meets the eye..thank God since I live here! [s]


Kel said...


That is actually scary as there will never be peace as long as there is oil involved.

Although I did smile to myself at the thought of Palestine finding itself oil rich, and the Americans suddenly finding reasons to deal with the people that they have allowed to be pushed around all these years.