Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Inside Story - Assault on Gaza continues.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Josh Muravchik (he enters the discussion in Part 2) is breathtaking as he seeks to assure us that "the numbers game" - the number of Israelis who have died over the past eight years compared to the number of Palestinians killed in the past three days - is "meaningless" and "absurd".

Fisk reminds us that if "the numbers game" were the other way around Muravchik would be making a very different argument. And the argument that any country would do what Israel is doing in a similar situation is easily undermined by the British behaviour towards the IRA.

Indeed, the discussion is quite interesting until Muravchik enters with the usual Israeli/US talking points. There is simply no nuance in this position. And only fragments of truth.

Fisk makes another important point: just as Israel called the PLO and Abbas "thugs", Israel did go on to talk to them and will, eventually, have to talk to Hamas.

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