Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I would use Military Force against Iran Now! John Bolton.

The insane John Bolton pops up with Fox News' skewered version of history and, once again, his answer to everything is war. He, of course, blames Iran for everything that is happening in Gaza at the moment.

He also thinks the "pursuit of the 'so-called' two state solution" in Palestine "has come to the end of the road". I presume the lunatic is now calling for the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians as he's not going to want to integrate all those Palestinians into Israel is he?

Every time nutbags like this pop up I am reminded of how simply insane the last eight years have been with zany ideologues like this actually listened to as if they have anything of value to contribute.

When one listens to Bolton one realises that, in the Republican party, the lunatics really have taken over the asylum.


Todd Dugdale said...

This really is insane.
Iran has grown in power and influence in the region because we have removed their greatest rival and foe in Iraq!
Meanwhile, our nuclear-armed "friend", Pakistan, is collapsing and becoming quite "unreliable". We are already openly discussing invading the Pakistani frontier, and perhaps beyond. Thus, one invasion begets the necessity for yet more invasions, and each one introduces further instability that requires more military force.

Who could possibly have anticipated this?

And with the current situation in Gaza, every Arab leader that has taken us at our word (Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Turkey) now looks like a total chump. Every Arab leader that has voiced mistrust of our intentions now looks vindicated. Who needs allies, anyway? If they make trouble, we can invade them, too, I suppose.

The important thing is not to anger the Israeli hawks, right? Without them, all of our schemes fall apart, obviously.

The neocons are feverishly trying to create a situation that leaves Obama no other option but to continue their policies: Destroy our alliances with the moderate Arab states, increase the profile of the unfriendly regimes/militias, and provoke a response from one of several actors that requires the use of further military force to "defend our troops" or "defend Israel".

Kel said...

The neo-cons in any sane society would, by now, have been consigned to history's dustbin. The fact that they are still listened to simply appalls me. I hope Obama, rather than play the bipartisan card, simply ignores these nutters. People like John Bolton have nothing to add to intelligent discourse. Whenever he is interviewed over here it is as a curiosity, an oddball.