Thursday, December 11, 2008

Down Goes Gov. Blagojevich! Does This Help Obama?

After watching the way Republicans fell over themselves to defend blatant acts of criminality like "Scooter" Libby's perjury, it is refreshing to watch the way the Democrats reacted to the criminality of Blagojevich.

Here Cenk Uygur talks of how "profoundly stupid" Blagojevich is. And he also argues that this situation actually reflects very well on Obama as Blagojevich ended up cursing Obama because he refused to give him anything.

As Cenk says: "So, tested and proven. Obama? Clean. Clean as a whistle".


Here Cenk argues his case in an article in The Huffington Post.


Ingrid said...

David Fund from the WSJ actually called for his impeachment and said that the Democratic party was upset over whoever it was (sorry, I'm scattered today) to even bring that up. I'm thinking hell yeah. Of course, a crime is a crime and punishment needs to be meted out accordingly. But ehem..we have a BACKLOG of Bush administrative crimes that people still refuse to consider such. So it's all relative..


Kel said...

Of course it's relative, Ingrid. But I rather like that fact that the Democrats don't rush to defend it's wrongdoers the way that the Republicans do.

It gives the Democrats more moral credence when they call out corrupt Republicans.