Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bush Decries "Name Calling".

Bush is disappointed at "name calling" during his time in office, which he seems to think is something which was done to him and his friends.

"I have been disappointed at times about the politics of personal destruction. It's not the first time it's ever happened in our history, but I was just - I came with the idea of changing the tone in Washington, and frankly didn't do a very good job of it," he said.
The claim that he came to office hoping to change the tone of Washington is simply ludicrous. He beat John McCain to the nomination after allowing his campaign to insinuate that McCain had an illegitimate black love child, and won re-election by allowing Republicans to insinuate that John Kerry was not a war hero and did not earn his purple heart awards.

And, of course, talking of personal destruction, Valerie Plame famously had her career destroyed as an covert CIA operative when her husband revealed what he did not find in Niger. Bush was so upset by this act of personal destruction that he commuted the sentence of the person found to have obstructed the investigation into who outed Plame.

And he and his supporters have spent the last eight years questioning the patriotism of anyone who disagreed with them and labeling a "traitor" anyone who ever exposed the illegal actions in which they were engaging. And, as a parting gift, he even went as far as to say that a win for the Democrats would be a win for the terrorists, which is hardly a good example of changing the tone in Washington, which he now claims was his most fervent wish.

As he leaves office we are being subjected to an awful lot of this revisionist shit but seriously.... Bush wanted a new tone in Washington? Give me a bloody break.

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