Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bush Attacks New York Times for Cherry Picking.

You couldn't make this up. The White House, furious at a New York Times Story - which outlines Bush's culpability in the recent mortgage disaster - has responded with a furious statement saying:

The Times' 'reporting' in this story amounted to finding selected quotes to support a story the reporters fully intended to write from the onset, while disregarding anything that didn't fit their point of view.
Isn't that a despicable thing to do, especially in something as important as an article in the New York Times.

At least when the Bush administration cherry picked information and ignored "anything that didn't fit their point of view" the end result was a disastrous war which killed tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis and destroyed America's reputation worldwide.

But to do so for a newspaper article is seriously f#cked up.

I'm glad the Bushies have retained their sense of perspective.

Click title to read the New York Times article.

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