Saturday, November 15, 2008

William Ayers: Setting The Record Straight.

Bill Ayers says the way his relationship with Obama was portrayed during the recent election was "such a profoundly dishonest narrative".

He also argues that guilt by association is always the cheapest of cheap tricks.


Anonymous said...

Sincerely, though I am an Obama supporter, this man makes me gag. Those of us that lived through that period remember what he did.

Kel said...

What I found most interesting is what he had to say about the way his non-relationship with Barack Obama was portrayed, first by Hillary, and then by McCain.

I sit on a board and have almost no dealings with any of the people on the board outside of board meetings. The whole guilt by association game was simply ludicrous on it's face.

Ingrid said...

Kel, like you, I have sat on a board but people are easy to tick off and then you'll get brushed off with one big broad stroke because of you just being on a board. Trust me, there are people who have their 'issues' and by virtue of being on a board, can give you the evil eye. Of course, in this political context, it's just one more dumb and childish thing to throw at someone.
I felt it amounted to throwing mud in the hopes that the sheer amount would just cover the opponent and make him 'cave'..
obviously, it did not work,


Kel said...

Ingrid, what most pleased me about the whole Ayers thing was the fact that it had no traction whatsoever with the public.

I think they saw it as what it was. As you say, old fashioned mud-slinging in the hope that it would stick.... well, it didn't.