Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stupid Stories...

As far as non stories go, this deserves to be up there with the best of them:

The Obamobile being prepared for the president-elect is said to be a monster gas-guzzler made by General Motors, the troubled car giant. It will look like a black Cadillac but is built like a tank. A spy photographer who tracks down future car models for magazines snatched pictures of the heavily disguised first-car-in-waiting when it was being road-tested last summer.

The armour-plated car, which has a raised roof, windows up to 5in thick, extra-strength tyres and a body made of steel, aluminium, titanium and ceramics, is thought to be based on a GMC 2500 truck that gets less than 10 miles to the gallon. Three cars are believed to be in production so that two can serve as decoys.

The line here is that, whilst Obama publicly calls for us all to go green, he himself is gas guzzling.

Of course, the notion that Obama chooses his own car is simply nonsense. His security is the responsibility of others who, not surprisingly, think that the first ever black president of the United States might be at more risk than previous incumbents of that office.

And to use this story to imply that he is not serious about green issues is plain dumb.

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