Sunday, November 02, 2008

Roger Simon: No Match Between Obama and McCain Ground Games.

Roger Simon argues that Obama's history as a community organiser - and the way that this has enabled him to form his team on the ground - is "the two thirds of the iceberg that you can't see." Simon argues that this might be "the most impressive field organisation in modern democratic history."

Obama meets his organisers before and after large rallies and they are all talking numbers in a way that the McCain campaign simply don't. The McCain campaign talk of "enthusiasm" whilst Obama's remain much more focused on the real job of elections. Getting the numbers right.


Stolen in it's entirety from The Booman Tribune because it makes the same point beautifully:

Always classy:

"This guy was a community organizer for 20 years," [House Minority Leader, John] Boehner said. "If somebody can tell me what a community organizer is, maybe I can understand it better."

Since Boner asked, a community organizer is someone that contacts people in their community and gets them involved in a cause or campaign to better that community. Here is what it looks like when you understand what community organizing is.

And here is what it looks like when you don't.

You see the difference? No? Don't worry, you'll understand better on election night.

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