Thursday, November 06, 2008

The McCain camp tosses Sarah Palin under the bus.

It was utterly predictable that the McCain camp would seek to blame Palin and throw her under the bus, which is manifestly unfair as she was McCain's choice, it's not as if she chose him.

However, the lack of knowledge that they are saying she possessed is quite breathtaking. They are now telling us that she didn't know which countries were in NAFTA, and she didn't understand that Africa was a continent and not a country. Nor did she even understand the notion of American exceptionalism.

And by the end she is reported to be throwing tantrums after looking at press clippings and reducing her staff to tears.

What's fascinating is to watch the way that O'Reilly falls over himself to defend her. It was clear to all that she was simply not ready for the position to which McCain had elevated her. O'Reilly, even now, argues that this wasn't a problem and that she could have been brought up to speed.

I would have thought people should be chosen because they are already up to speed, but O'Reilly seems to disagree. If he, and the others in the nutter wing of the Republican party, have their way we haven't seen the last of Sarah.


Will Conley said...

Now that is some good dish. I could have gone without O'Reilly's vapid little "observations" and cute little "I'm sure there's a book in it for somebody" quips. YAWN. That man makes me want to take a nap and wake up to find him face down in a puddle of his own drool. What a knuckledragger. And that guy who had all the info? What a weasel. Hate him a lot. Sucking up to O'Reilly. Fuck them.

Kel said...

Carl Cameron was the guy in Fahrenheit 911 who, whilst interviewing Bush, admitted that his wife was working for Bush's campaign.

He's completely in the tank for the Republicans and he's admitting here that he held back information which the American public deserved to know in order to make an informed decision.

He tells us now of her stupidity but he kept it from everyone when it mattered and made it more possible that this ignorant woman could be a 72 year old heartbeat away from the nuclear button.

Only on Fox News could this guy still have a career.