Thursday, November 27, 2008

Israel will NOT Hesitate to Bomb Iran! Ambassador Douchebag.

Only on Fox News would a lunatic like John Bolton still be listened to. Here he is on his usual high horse regarding Iran, even going as far as pushing the line that the Israelis might act unilaterally should Obama hesitate to take action shortly after he takes office.

Unfortunately for Bolton even Ehud Olmert has stopped pretending that this is something which Israel would countenance:

He [Olmert] also dismissed as “megalomania” any thought that Israel would or should attack Iran on its own to stop it from developing nuclear weapons, saying the international community and not Israel alone was charged with handling the issue.
We may have a new President-elect, but the right wing loons aren't going to be changing their tune any time soon, even if an outgoing Israeli Prime Minister is on the record saying the very opposite of what they are claiming.

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