Tuesday, November 04, 2008


As we all get more and more neurotic the nearer we get to crunch time, this picture from Balloon Juice really made me laugh.

I just watched Obama go to the voting booth with Michelle and the kids and, judging from the emails I'm getting here, he's the only person who is totally chilled throughout all of this.

It's no wonder they nickname him No Drama Obama.


Ingrid said...

good for him because I'm tuning out today..I'm too nervous..a lot of people are saying, common, he's going to win 'chill out'..I'm saying , it ain't over till it's over...those ugle culture warriors and republican sheep tend to come out of the woodwork on election day..brrrr...

ps..do you watch Boston Legal at all? They had an awesome, pre-election episode last night..priceless..I posted their 'paintball fight' on the blog but wished I could post the whole episode!!

Kel said...


I have been thinking of you a lot today because I know how nervous this is making you. Friends of mine are astonished at how calm I am compared to other elections, but I honestly see no way for McCain to pull this off. He would have to take Ohio, Florida AND overturn Obama's lead in Pennsylvania. It's not going to happen, especially not when every poll out of the last 250 has him behind.

We get Boston Legal over here but I don't watch. Should I? I do watch Entourage, Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip and, my all time favourite, Dexter. It's strange, but most of the dramas that I love this year started on cable which must be something of a first.

Ingrid said...

Kel, thx for your thoughts..I'm remembering 2004 AND am still bristling with all that vileness coming not only out of the McCain or should I say, Palin campaign, but the agreeable responses to them.. so I'm probably being paranoid, too cynical, or too 'fraidy cat' about it. You are looking at the numbers and doing the math..I'm just still holding my breath..

Btw..I think it wasn't until the second or third season that we started to watch it. It's downright political commentary/drama/ and most importantly, comedy! We do not get cable 'cause there's just too much garbage on it for the kids and especially in this country (although in Europe it's not exactly the opposite of it) everything is intended with a sale in mind. Disney is one of the worst, they have their marketing plan from when the kiddies come out of the womb till they're teens..they'll get them into one fad to another. A 5yr old girl down the street for instance, she's totally into Hannah Montana and the Cheetah girls. Hello? I'm not exactly conservative but all this BS of making girls wannabe 'hanna's or cheetah girls'.. there is big money to be gotten and I am not paying into that.
I think I've seen Dexter once, is that the one about the guy who's a serial killer? The other shows I've never seen and I've only heard of Entourage..
I have to admit, I'm into the murder mysteries (went through all of Agatha Christie books by the time I was 14) and I'll watch CSI, CSI New York (not Miami, that's too awful) and I do still like Law and Order although I haven't seen it on tv for a while. I think in order to finance filming it, they've sold it to a cable station instead of it being solely financed by NBC..
alrightie, time to go the library..
thanks for being my calm 'beacon'..I'll 'see you' tomorrow..


Kel said...


It's 5.55am over here and I have just woken to the news that I expected, Obama is the new president!

What a wonderful day! What a wonderful, wonderful day!

JJ said...

Kel, we didn't hear your wake-up call downstairs! We stayed up until 3:30, then overslept this morning!!

Kel said...


I didn't stay up to watch it as I was so confident that he would do it. I woke about 5.30 and am amazed that you couldn't hear CNN blaring through the bedroom.

It's just wonderful though isn't it? It wasn't just a victory it was a devastation.

The Republicans really need to think about where they go from here and if the route they choose is Palin they'll be in the wilderness for years.

JJ said...

We were dead to the world Kel! As it was, Paul left for work looking like a zombie (a happy zombie, but a zombie nonetheless).

It's just the best news! I still had that dread in the pit of my stomach as the first results started coming through, but by 3.30 it was looking nice and blue, and one of the CNN pundits said at that point McCain could not win unless all the unconfirmed states went red, plus at least one of WA, OR or CA, and the pundit could not assign one of them to the Republicans and maintain any credibility.

THEN I knew it was safe to go to bed. My dad got up at 5am like you to watch it from the other end. We had gambled that it would all be over by the Mississippi, and it pretty much was!

Kel said...

I felt very confident because I knew that McCain had to take Pennsylvania and I just couldn't see that happening.

And to be honest I couldn't bear the thought of watching political talking heads pretend that it was all so nail bitingly close until it became blatant that it wasn't.

So I woke after the madness was over and people started texting me by about five past six so it appears lots of people opted to wake to the news!