Saturday, October 11, 2008

Top GOP Strategist: It's Over, Obama Will Win In Landslide.

Even Republicans are starting to say that the writing is on the wall, McCain is staring disaster in the face. And the more negative he goes, the further he falls.

That's why he tried telling the crowd earlier that Obama is a decent family man. But the reaction of the crowd, by the booing of their own candidate, tells you how late it is in the day for McCain to manage such a U-turn.

He's been playing negative for far too long to play the good guy now. Not only will his supporters not buy it, the public won't buy it. He has treated Obama during the debates with disdain, referring to him as "That one", so no-one is going to buy the new John McCain "the nice guy", especially not as his Ayers ads are still running.

He's got nowhere left to go. I genuinely believe he's f@cked.


Todd Dugdale said...

At this point, it matters little what McCain says. Here in Minnesota, the heavy majority of the McCain ads are not from the campaign itself.
Instead, it is groups like the Chamber of Commerce carrying the smears forward full-force. The fine print at the end of the ad is easily overlooked by the average voter, and all of these ads are then perceived as negative smears from the campaign itself. So this recent exercise will gain him little good-will, and probably will make him look bad as he denounces smears while ads keep appearing with his face on them making outrageous smears.

So, no, the public won't buy it.
His base won't buy it, either.
This genie can't be put back in the bottle.

Kel said...


I agree. He's trying to say Obama's okay whilst he continues to run negative ads.

He's been so negative that he now has no room to turn.