Sunday, October 26, 2008

Today's Polls.

The polls to the left are the reason for the outbreak of infighting in the McCain camp. Nothing they do is having any effect on them.

I have set great store during this election cycle on the work being done over at and note that they have this to say:

It is hard to find any trend at all at the national level, although Barack Obama's position improved has incrementally in a couple of the national trackers. Indeed, our model now perceives that the popular vote has been flat for roughly the past two weeks. It seems almost as though voters made their collective decision after the second presidential debate on October 7 -- perhaps Obama's clearest win of the series -- and decided on behalf of the Democrat.
I noticed yesterday that Joe Lieberman and Tucker Bounds had taken to the airwaves to state that the numbers were "so extreme" that they didn't believe them.

It really says it all when you are reduced to that. Unable to move the polls, despite all your attacks on Obama, you simply end up saying that you don't believe the polls themselves.

When this is all over there's going to be a Hell of a lot of blame to throw around.

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