Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Police foil plot by white supremacists to kill Obama.

It strikes me as extraordinary that we can have had eight years of the worst presidency any of us can remember and yet the dumb f#cks come out of the woodwork now with plans to kill Obama before he's even been elected.

Two men have appeared in a US court accused of making threats to kill Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, federal agents say.

Paul Schlesselman and Daniel Cowart were also charged with possessing an unregistered firearm and conspiracy to steal from a licensed gun dealer.

The neo-Nazis allegedly planned to assassinate Mr Obama in a murder spree targeting more than 100 black people.

Mr Obama said he was not worried by the news and it was "not who America is".
These people have had no difficulty with a president who took them to war on a lie which resulted in the deaths of thousands of their fellow citizens and tens of thousands of Iraqis but they are enraged because Obama is a different colour from them?

And the plan itself was hardly sophisticated:

Somewhat farcically, the alleged plotters planned to dress in white tuxedos and top hats and drive their car at high speed towards the presidential candidate while shooting at him. They expected to die in the attempt, the authorities said.

I'm unsure of what the top hats and tuxedos added to the plan other than to render them better looking corpses but we are blatantly dealing with morons of the highest order here.
"They didn't believe they would be able to do it but they would get killed trying."
As we get nearer and nearer to the US electing it's first ever black president I suppose stories like this will become more commonplace, after all race is the great scar on America's conscience.

But there is no reason to find these stories particularly worrisome. If elected, Obama will become the most powerful man in the world, and if the authorities can't keep him safe then we would have every reason to ask who they can keep safe if they can't protect him.

But there can also be no doubt that McCain and Palin have been campaigning that Obama is not like other Americans, that he "pals around with terrorists" and that his election will endanger America. I think the message that they have been pedalling is a dangerous one and that their audience is too unsophisticated to make the distinction between "terrorist sympathiser" and "terrorist" that they are trying to make.

The cries of "Kill him" and "Terrorist" which are almost routinely called out at their rallies are a national disgrace and an indication of the fear which they are instilling in their stupid supporters.

McCain affected outrage when John Lewis warned both him and Palin of the fires that they were stoking with this incendiary language but McCain has done nothing to rein it in. Instead he has pretended that he is the aggrieved party and that a terrible insult has been made towards him.

Meanwhile, the hate fests which both he and Palin call their rallies continue unabated. Here we hear a cry of "And he's a n-gger" from a Sarah Palin rally, which she, again, doesn't appear to notice and certainly doesn't condemn.

They are both contributing to an atmosphere that Lewis and others recognise as dangerous. I am not for a moment seeking to draw a link between the actions of these skinhead morons and the McCain/Palin rallies, but neither can I say that these rallies have calmed things down.

And when the McCain camp rush to the airwaves to promote stories of black men assaulting and scarring young white women which turn out to be totally false, then they are actually engaging in race baiting.

This campaign has been an utter disgrace and the hatred and fear which McCain and Palin have stirred up is simply shameful. They could have argued with Obama as forcefully as they liked on the subject of policy, but they have chosen not to do so. Instead, they have always chosen to portray him as something "other", as someone who doesn't see America as they do, as someone who endangers America itself.

McCain and Palin are playing with fire, as Lewis has pointed out. And whilst no-one believes they wish to encourage morons like this to act in the way they planned, they have done much to add to the fevered atmosphere in which such plots are hatched.

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