Friday, October 31, 2008

McCain Spokesman Can't Name Obama's "Anti-Semitic" Pals.

This particular McCain spokesman could be the poster child for the way that this campaign has been run.It's a campaign of insinuation and innuendo, with no facts to back up their more lurid claims.

This guy's silence and his repeated, "You know who I mean" really perfectly captures the tone that has permeated the McCain camp for weeks now. Imply that Obama is "dodgy", "un-American", "not like the rest of us" and hope that the viewer will fill in the blanks with whatever prejudice they happen to hold.

This campaign has been spectacularly cynical.


Sullivan is not impressed:

Michael Goldfarb, McCain spokesman, accuses Barack Obama of hanging around with anti-Semites – plural – on CNN. Asked to name one other anti-Semite other than his allegation about Rashid Khalidi, he can’t. He won’t. But he leaves it hanging, refusing to disown or retract the charge. This is pure McCarthyism. And it is the rotten core of McCain.
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