Saturday, October 18, 2008

McCain: "The last eight years haven't worked very well, have they?"

McCain's campaign shudders on. It's remarkable to watch a Republican candidate, speaking after eight years of a Republican administration, say, "The last eight years haven't worked very well, have they?"

So, he's admitting that the Republicans have mucked things up, but his solution is that you re-elect the Republicans.

This from the same campaign who have just brought out an ad called Joe the Plumber about a man who is neither a plumber nor is his Christian name Joe.

McCain might also care to note that the Plumbers' Union are backing Obama and they are not impressed with McCain and his new found love of the working man:

Assistant General President Steve Kelly said in a statement:

Last night John McCain made Joe the Plumber a household name. His manufactured outrage on behalf of Joe would be a lot more believable if his economic plan had anything to do with helping working people deal with the economic crisis. Instead, it washes the middle class down the drain. McCain's plan gives massive tax giveaways to CEOs and mega-corporations while leaving working families out in the cold. At a time when our economy is bleeding jobs, McCain also opposes investment in infrastructure spending, which would create good jobs and help put our economy back on solid footing

As the first union to endorse Barack Obama for the presidency, the UA looked long and hard at which candidates would put the needs of all the Joes in America first. Barack Obama has a plan to cut taxes for working people while investing in good jobs and lifting wages. Unlike McCain's, Obama's outrage for the middle class is real. He will turn us in a new direction, not keep us on the same, tired old path of the Bush years.

It's just further proof that McCain really is making this all up as he goes along. But to start an ad admitting that your party has buggered things up and asking that the people show their anger by electing the same party again really is a new one for me.

You seriously couldn't make that up.

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