Friday, October 17, 2008

McCain and Obama at Al Smith dinner.

Both Obama and McCain were on very good from at the Al Smith dinner.

It's fantastic that two weeks before an election both candidates can take part in such an event.


Will said...

What a healing ceremony. I felt good watching that. Thanks for posting it, Kel.

Kel said...

They are both very funny Will aren't they?

Will said...

Yes, they were. What really did it for me was Obama genuinely laughing at McCain's jokes. Surprisingly heartwarming.

I'm back to

I'll settle down one of these days, LOL.

Ingrid said...

THIS is how McCain's campaign should've been run!! It was nice indeed to see both candidates laugh at themselves and each other.. and Hillary looked very relaxed and genuinely makes you wonder if not indeed they all can actually behave civilly behind the scenes..this was good to see..I only saw Obama's but thanks for posting both..

ps...Hi Will! [s]

Kel said...

Will and Ingrid,

I agree totally. Everyone totally entered into the spirit of the thing. And it was lovely to see even Hillary laughing her head off at the Bill jibes.

Will, I'll come back over to Man of Many Words. You do like to move around don't you?

Will Conley said...

Ha ha, yes I do, yes I do. Hopefully I'll be keeping this one for awhile. I have to have a home, right?

Will Conley said...

By the way, as for the Al Smith dinner--I think the wine didn't hurt the overall mood. Long live fermented grapes!

Kel said...

Yes you do need a home, we all like to have somewhere to visit you!

And I love fermented grapes as well!