Thursday, October 23, 2008

Malkin blasts CNN for telling the truth.

This is the proof that Michelle Malkin simply doesn't get it. In an article entitled, "CNN tries to depress the vote again", she bemoans the following:

Caution: Obamedia at work.

I’m waiting for a connection at the Atlanta airport, where CNN is inescapable.

On every TV, a CNN caption is ubiquitous: “PALIN AS DRAG ON MCCAIN.”

Reality check:

Thousands of people keep turning up to her rallies across America. The common sentiment? She continues to energize the base. She’s the reason voters are turning up and turning out. Grass-roots activists are dispirited by McCain, but buoyed by Sarah’s boundless optimism and willingness to fight.

It seems simply never to have occurred to her that pleasing the base is only one thing that a campaign is supposed to do, it is also suppose to connect to the electorate as a whole and the independent voter in particular.

And the evidence is out there that concern about Palin is now the number one factor which troubles the electorate about voting for that ticket.

Of course, Michelle has never realised that she and the fanatical loons attending Palin's rallies are part of the Republican problem. Her brand of Republicanism is fanatically right wing in a way which most Americans aren't.

And some of Palin's views, which excite Malkin so much, are simply repugnant to most people. That's not CNN's fault, that's simply a fact. Most people think the notion of forcing a 15 year girl to carry her rapist's child an obscenity, and yet that's what Palin said she would like to happen.

Malkin may find it puzzling that such views repulse most people but that says more about how out of touch with reality she is than anything about bias amongst the media. Palin is an extremist as is Malkin. But, like most extremists, they think of themselves as perfectly reasonable and everyone else as wrong.

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daveawayfromhome said...

It can never be said enough, those words of wisdom from Steven Colbert: "Reality has a well-know liberal bias." So, Michelle, suck it up, you crazy bitch.

Kel said...

I really have rarely some across a person who is fuelled by hatred as Malkin is. When people talk of this deranged base that Palin pleases they really mean people like Malkin. She loathes McCain and is only excited about the ticket because Palin is on it.