Thursday, October 09, 2008

The liar calls Obama a liar.

I suppose it's not unusual for politicians to accuse others of their own sins, but this is astonishing even by McCain's low standards. He actually comes right out in this ad and calls Obama a liar. This is from the man who has ran the most dishonest campaign I have witnessed in my lifetime.

At a time when the public have shown that they react badly to negative campaigning, McCain is campaigning negatively 100% of the time:

During the week of Sept 28 through Oct. 4, "nearly 100 percent of the McCain campaign's advertisements were negative,'' the Wisconsin Advertising Project at the University of Wisconsin reports today. "During the same period, 34 percent of the Obama campaign's ads were negative.''
I suppose he's so far behind in the polls that he feels he has no other choice, but it's a suicidal route he's travelling. However, for McCain - of all people - to call someone else a liar really is taking his relationship with the truth into new realms of fantasy.

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