Friday, October 31, 2008

Kristol on The Daily Show.

This is slightly creepy. Kristol seems to have accepted that McCain will lose on Tuesday, but it's disturbing to watch him appear to say that he knows that Obama is not a Socialist but that during elections it's okay to lie.

And Stewart is on good form pointing out just how often Kristol gets it wrong. "You can't look at past performance as a predictor, otherwise you wouldn't be, obviously, still a pundit."

My favourite moment is when Kristol comes out with the cliched, "You are reading The New York Times too much, Jon." Stewart scores a beautiful goal by reminding Kristol, "You work for The New York Times, Bill."

Stewart sums up the entire campaign in one sentence, "McCain and Palin are running on a platform of theoretical damage that could be done to the country. Obama is running on a platform of actual things that have already been f@cked up!"

That's why he's Jon Stewart and I'm just writing a blog. He got in one sentence what I've spent eighteen months trying to write about. He's good.


Ingrid said...

Amen!! hahaha!!!!


Kel said...

We try though, Ingrid! We try! :-)

daveawayfromhome said...

Stewart's been on a roll for weeks. It's pretty obvious that he's angry about the bullshit, and now that it looks like it may finally come to an end, he's allowing it to show.
I find myself wondering what he'll do if the GOP manages to steal the election?

Kel said...

I think even Kristol has accepted that Obama is too far ahead for the Republicans to steal this one.