Friday, October 17, 2008

Incendiary sign in McCain office links Obama to dictators.

From Broward Politics:

Among the images that greeted visitors to the John McCain campaign office in Pompano Beach this week was a sign headlined "Barrack Hussein Obama” that compared the Democratic presidential candidate to Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler and Fidel Castro.
These people are bat shit crazy. So now Obama is now the equivalent of Marx, Hitler and Castro?

This is why McCain deserves to lose. His campaign has NO THEME, so he's left his supporters literally howling at the moon.

A campaign defined by no central message - and an irrational hatred of Democrats - has reached it's inevitable conclusion: Obama is evil.

I've said it before, we are witnessing the death of the Republican Party in it's present form. The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

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Ingrid said...

bat shit crazy..that says it all.. and all it will do is seperate the chaff from the wheat as so many republicans must be so embarrassed...Palin is just one of them and this behaviour, as Jonathan Freedland's article pointed out; the more negative the McCain campaign(ers) get, the more it scores with people as a plus for Obama..yes, America has plenty of nutjobs but thank god..there's hope for a reason; there are millions who are not!!
These are desperate weeks my will be over soon..
then they can go all back to batshitcrazy-land..

Kel said...

I'm with you and Freedland, the more negative the campaign goes, the worse it is for McCain.

And you can almost see the shock in McCain's face, he can't believe that calling Obama a Socialist isn't working.

Attack is all he has left in the bag and if that's not working, then he's got nothing at all.