Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hardball: Matthews Hammers Pfotenhauer Over Palin.

Matthews takes Pfotenhauer to task about why no-one in the McCain camp will come clean over who took the decision to spend $150,000 of other people's money to "turn the Hockey mom into Eliza Doolittle".

Pfotenhauer, in her role of defending the party who really only want to talk about what William Ayers did when Obama was eight years old, bemoans the fact that they are not talking about more substantive matters.

Matthews then asks Pfotenhauer to state, as someone representing a party of strict constructionists, the role of the US Vice President. She manifestly fails to do so, attempting to mount a defence of Palin's tortured logic.

Matthews eventually concedes that she has a tough job, "Nancy, I appreciate you coming on the show. It's a tough defense of this person, Sarah Palin."

Pfotenhauer has an almost impossible task as what Palin said is utter nonsense but she gamely tried. As Matthews points out, Palin has blown it big time here, as she clearly doesn't know what the role of the Vice President is.


Now Pat Buchanan gamely tries to defend Palin by claiming that, "She was talking to a 2nd grader!" which merely elicits the response, "She was talking like a 2nd grader." At that point Pat should simply have hung his head and gone home.

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