Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fox interviews Joe the Plumber on Israel.

This strikes me as simply extraordinary. Joe the Plumber is now being interviewed on foreign policy.

Apparently, he thinks the election of Obama would bring about "the death of Israel". To be fair, Fox question the sanity of this ridiculous claim, but they are nevertheless interviewing him anyway.

I simply can't get over the lengths that Fox will go to in order to send the message that an Obama victory could be dangerous, but we are surely at a new low when Fox start interviewing this man who clearly knows nothing about the subject that he is being interviewed on.

He admits himself that he knows "enough about foreign policy to be dangerous", and yet he is being allowed on to a national TV station to spout his ignorance nationwide. Perhaps, it's a secret plan to try make Palin look knowledgeable, as I can't think of any other reason that this nincompoop should be asked his opinion on anything.

Have we forgotten that this man came on to the national stage lying about his earnings and his aim to buy a plumbing business? He's not even a plumber...

It makes you despair... We have reached a new low. Any day now we can expect Joe Six Pack to talk to us about sub prime mortgages and where we all went wrong.

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