Friday, October 24, 2008

Former Bush press secretary backs Obama.

One of the most astonishing things about this election has been the number of Republican politicians and newspapers who have, for the first time, come out publicly to state that they support Barack Obama for the presidency. It really does appear as if every couple of days recently we can add a new one to the list which already includes such luminaries as Colin Powell and The Washington Post.

Today, Bush's former press secretary, Scott McClellan, adds his name to the growing number of former Republicans who have crossed to Obama.

"From the very beginning I've said I'm going to support the candidate who has the best chance of changing the way Washington works and getting things done," the former White House spokesman told presenter DL Hughley. "I will be voting for Barack Obama."
It's no real surprise as many of us had expected this ever since McClellan released his book, "What Happened", which detailed what went wrong in the Bush administration.

But what is notable is that in this election, more than in any other that I can think of, so many former members of one administration are making it clear that they intend to vote for the party that they previously opposed.

In many ways this is Bush's legacy and it is further proof that no-one, not even some prominent Republicans and their newspapers, believe that McCain represents any form of change from the disastrous policies which Bush inflicted on the US.

McCain blatantly uses change as merely a slogan because, from his tax cuts to his policies regarding Iran and North Korea, he is quite clearly pushing for a continuation of the Bush years.

With American satisfaction at the way things are going at an all time low, McCain's campaign tactics are simply suicidal.

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